Verbal Communication and Managing Interruptions


As I’ve moved from sitting in front of a computer for the better part of my day into a role where I’m constantly in communication with people, I’ve found that my communication skills are often lacking.  Of particular note is that, when I’m attempting to verbally convey ideas to people, I’m often interrupted prior to fully communicating my thought.  This can often leave others with an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of my thoughts and/or positions.  When the interruption is complete, I often forget the original point that I was attempting to convey as, at that point, the interrupter has effectively hi-jacked the conversation.  Incomplete ideas can sometimes be innocuous, but they can also be dangerous.  Assertiveness in communication seems to be a must, and I’ve recently come across this blog post that offers some good tips on minimizing interruptions and how better to deal with them when they occur.

Effective communication is key and yet I find that it happens on a limited basis.  Here’s to improving on my own communication abilities by listening better, suppressing my desire to interrupt others, and learning to convey an entire thought even in the midst of interruptions!

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