Reunion Tours and Austin Audio/Visual Rentals

The Jordan Smith Band

I had the privilege of being a groomsman in my good friend Tim’s wedding this weekend.  Back in ’05 we had played in The Jordan Smith Band together and we used this occasion to reunite and rock the reception!  The band  played a short 30 minute set composed of covers (including one of our favorites, Little Wing), originals, and some open ended jam sessions.

Beyond being a FABULOUS time with some old musical collaborators, it was also great to find an audio/visual rental shop in Austin that is reasonably priced.  If you’re in the Austin area and need some gear for a gig, check out Rock ‘N Roll Rentals.  We rented a couple of PA systems from them for the occasion: one for the reception/band setup and another for the ceremony.  They have a wide variety of equipment available at excellent prices.  If Seriously ends up playing a show in Austin, these are guys that I’m going to be looking into to cover any of our rental needs.

The photo you see here is the stage in the ballroom of The Mansion.  What a venue!  This place would be the perfect location for a real-life game of Clue!

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