We’re the Wu-Tang Orphans…


“We’re the Wu-tang orphans, yes indeed. The unwanted fruit that flourished from our father’s seed. the apple doomed to ripen by the rot of the tree and prematurely fall into a fallen society…”

You only get to see them for about 7 minutes during the show. They’re dirty, wild, and in need of much healing and rescue… but behind the masks and tattered, dirt-stained costumes are some pretty awesome kids who have put in several hours of practice and are without a doubt an audience favorite. We’ve had several little actors join us for different shows, but I have the daily pleasure of housing, feeding, and schooling four of them (aka my kiddos). So, we thought it would be nice to get their take on The 5 Dragon Daughter and whatever else floats their boat.

{FYI: the following was unscripted-although I did have to restart a few times because apparently, I can’t get my children’s names straight when it counts-I blame the fever… aaaaand Zosie has a cold… and yes, their arms are covered in angry bird temp tattoos} :P

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