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Timelapse of the Red Sun Rising

See how many wutang orphans you can spot throughout the video

Urban Wutang

Urban Wutang… aka, we found a short alley in downtown Longview and snapped some shots. Actually, my precious “wutang” clan had all decided to wear their wutang shirts (get your own here!) for our Meals on Wheels route that morning, so i decided to snap a few shots for fun. and away we go…


The Challenge of Notating Drums

One of the exciting things I have on my ever growing project list is to notate the music of The 5 Dragon Daughter.  We would like to have the option of licensing the show and notation will be necessary before we can do that.  We also happen to be looking for backup musicians to fill… Read More >>


Pioneers Film Release

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending a film release of “Pioneers” by Rebecca Friedlander.  For the past several months, Rebecca has been traveling the United States, interviewing some of the pioneers of the Christian music industry including well known artists such as Annie Herring, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, and plenty more.  She posed questions… Read More >>

Princess Broke Thumb

got a riddle for you. what do you get when you mix the wutang van sliding door and a thumb. ya get a broken thumb. nother one…. how does a cellist play with a broken thumb…. she doesn’t. ok so those are not very funny, but neither is having a broken thumb. basically, i lost… Read More >>