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Surfin Safari on a Rainy Day

A few weeks ago we cut down some bamboo from our friends property for our garden. The kids cut some down as well so they could build a teepee. today at walmart i found a couple vinyl table-clothes that would “hopefully” work as a covering for their bamboo teepee poles. Unfortunately it started to rain… Read More >>

We’re the Wu-Tang Orphans…

“We’re the Wu-tang orphans, yes indeed. The unwanted fruit that flourished from our father’s seed. the apple doomed to ripen by the rot of the tree and prematurely fall into a fallen society…” You only get to see them for about 7 minutes during the show. They’re dirty, wild, and in need of much healing… Read More >>


daVan of Epic Proportions

If anyone has ever, for even the tiniest inkling of a second, doubted our family’s commitment to The 5 Dragon Daughter… POOF. It’s gone. Finito. Doesn’t exist. Wanna know why? Here. Here is your proof… Behold da Huber Family van is now The 5 Dragon Daughter-mobile… surely there’s something a bit more catchy to call… Read More >>

On the road again, for the first time

We made it through our first show on the road!  We successfully completed two shows on Jan 25 and 26 at Center of Life Baptist Church and I would say everything went pretty smoothly.  We did have a few hiccups here and there, but as far as sound goes, I felt pretty good about the show.  What… Read More >>

Prestashop Email Color Schemes

We’ve had quite a few people request that we sell 5 Dragon merch online.  As a result, I’ve been looking into online shopping carts and I think we’ll be using Prestshop.  As I’ve been customizing the install to my liking, I realized that the emails that are sent to users are quite offensive in the… Read More >>