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We’re the Wu-Tang Orphans…

“We’re the Wu-tang orphans, yes indeed. The unwanted fruit that flourished from our father’s seed. the apple doomed to ripen by the rot of the tree and prematurely fall into a fallen society…”

You only get to see them for about 7 minutes during the show. They’re dirty, wild, and in need of much healing and rescue… but behind the masks and tattered, dirt-stained costumes are some pretty awesome kids who have put in several hours of practice and are without a doubt an audience favorite. We’ve had several little actors join us for different shows, but I have the daily pleasure of housing, feeding, and schooling four of them (aka my kiddos). So, we thought it would be nice to get their take on The 5 Dragon Daughter and whatever else floats their boat.

{FYI: the following was unscripted-although I did have to restart a few times because apparently, I can’t get my children’s names straight when it counts-I blame the fever… aaaaand Zosie has a cold… and yes, their arms are covered in angry bird temp tattoos} :P

The 5 Dragon Daughter Black Text

The 5 Dragon Daughter, Easter Weekend 2013!

We’re excited to perform The 5 Dragon Daughter on March 29th and 30th at North Orange Baptist Church in Orange, TX.  What better dates for the show than over Easter weekend?  This performance will be FREE to attend, though donations are encouraged and will be accepted at the event.  Orange is roughly 90 minutes to the east of Houston.  If you’re in the area and want to experience an incredible artistic expression of the gospel, then this is a great opportunity for you.  More details are available on The 5 Dragon Daughter website.


daVan of Epic Proportions

If anyone has ever, for even the tiniest inkling of a second, doubted our family’s commitment to The 5 Dragon Daughter… POOF. It’s gone. Finito. Doesn’t exist. Wanna know why?

Here. Here is your proof…



Behold da Huber Family van is now The 5 Dragon Daughter-mobile… surely there’s something a bit more catchy to call it… ah, perhaps…”The WuTang Orphan Transporter”. Yeah, that’s fitting because we can’t fit much more than our family in it.



See… we even have orphans hanging on for dear life on the outside… heh heh. ;)

We’ve had a lady ask if I was driving my “personal” van or my “work” van. Yes and yes!

But it’s not ALL fun and games having such an AWESOME van. No, no. With great awesomeness, comes great responsibility… as in not ever cutting anyone off, or speeding, or going out with my hair in shambles… basically, all eyes are on the van. Yep, ALL eyes. Folks are always looking, always pointing and always commenting. Even from afar, I hear them say to whoever they’re walking with, “The 5 Dragon Daughter?” Mostly people smile when we drive past… let’s keep it that way.

These amazing splashes of spray paint have also completely revolutionized my parking. The goal is no longer to find the closest parking space… no, it’s to find the space with the most potential to be seen… because for one, IT’S AWESOME. Two, it helps promote The 5 Dragon Daughter. And three, it helps promote the ridiculous talent of Dan Black, our beloved drummer and merch manager!

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. ;)

On the road again, for the first time

FOH Center Of Life

FOH Center Of Life

We made it through our first show on the road!  We successfully completed two shows on Jan 25 and 26 at Center of Life Baptist Church and I would say everything went pretty smoothly.  We did have a few hiccups here and there, but as far as sound goes, I felt pretty good about the show.  What did it take for me to feel good about it?  Well here’s what it took.


For the most part, we travel with a lot of our own sound equipment.  We carry our own mics, cables, snakes, mixer, and in-ear monitors (wired).  We also make use of a digital mixing system, which can recall saved settings and mixes for each song.  Not  a lot changes from show to show, or even when we do a practice.  This allows us to have very consistent monitor mixes and a very consistent sound for every show.  It also allows us to improve things as we go and keep the changes for future shows.


Since things are pretty consistent all the way to the mixer, the main thing that changes from show to show is the house PA.  At our home venue, we have  a fairly nice little SLS line array system that I have used to build my mixes.  My biggest issue when I walk into a new venue is that I need to tweak the output of that PA to match the one at our home venue. On this trip I started by using some pink noise and measuring the output of the system to get it pretty close.  Then, I used various songs while playing around with the EQ on my  main outputs until I was able to match pretty closely what I hear at home.  So now my saved mixes can translate to our new venue!


Of course there is always room for improvement.  The first night, we had some complaints that the front few rows couldn’t hear the lyrics.  Now, back in the main part of the audience the vocals were quite clear.  After a bit of examination, we found that the high end for the main PA clusters overshot the first few rows.  What can we do to fix this?  The main PA is hung from the ceiling, so that can’t change, but we can add some more speakers down in front of the stage to fill in the gap.

On Saturday, before our second show, I found some powered speakers in the back room that the local church used for monitors.  I set up one speaker for each of the three sections in the front of the stage (left, center, right) and fed them from an extra matrix output on my mixer.  I fed my matrix with a post-fade copy of my master mix and tried to match the main PAs volume so I wouldn’t blow away the first few rows.  I also knew that higher frequencies are more directional than lower frequencies, so the lows and low-mids were actually already pretty loud from the main PA clusters in those first few rows.  The combined lows and low-mids from the front fills and the mains could then be a bit too much and give a very imbalanced mix.  In order to fix that, I used an EQ on my matrix-out for my front fills to cut the low and low-mid frequencies.  What resulted was a boost in the higher frequencies that were missing from the main PA in the front few rows, and the experience down in front matched the rest of the room pretty closely.


Honestly I did not think up most of this stuff myself, there is nothing new under the sun, and I totally stole this concept from Dave Rat.  Check out some of his videos, he’s got a real knack for explaining sound concepts in a very down-to-earth manner that’s easy to understand.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying what the pros and the big guys are doing to get a good idea of the main concepts and how things should be done.  I’ve also spent a bit of time trying things out myself and learning how to make things work.  This first road-show was a prime example of trying some things out for the first time.  I had never tuned a PA to match my mix before, never setup front-fills before, and I was pretty freaked out that it wasn’t going to work.  But I managed to apply that knowledge that I had gained to a real life situation, and now I can be confident that I can handle that situation again somewhere down the road at the next venue.


The 5 Dragon Daughter in Houston, Jan 25th and 26th!

The 5 Dragon Daughter is coming to Houston, TX on January 25th and 26th of 2013.   The show will be performed at Center of Life Church in Houston from 7:00PM to 9:30PM both evenings.  Tickets are $7.00 and are available online or at the door.  We hope to see you there!

For the address and more information on Center of Life, please visit their website.