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Prestashop Email Color Schemes

We’ve had quite a few people request that we sell 5 Dragon merch online.  As a result, I’ve been looking into online shopping carts and I think we’ll be using Prestshop.  As I’ve been customizing the install to my liking, I realized that the emails that are sent to users are quite offensive in the choice of their color scheme.  The defaults include use of a lot of obnoxious hot pink colorations.  Keeping those colors wasn’t an option, so I needed to change the email templates.  There are about 58 or so of these emails that can potentially be sent out and, rather than using their slow email template editor interface in the web browser, I wanted a quick way to replace all of the hex color coded info in the email templates with something less obnoxious, like maybe a navy blue (#000080).

If one has shell access to his account then this set of commands will save you gobs of time.  You would run this from the directory where all of your .html email templates are located, in my case mails/en.  It scans the directory for all *.html files, and then performs a search and replace (via sed) on all of them.  We’re searching for the default obnoxious hot pink color “db3484″ and replacing it with the chosen navy blue “000080”.

find . -name "*.html" -print | xargs sed -i 's/db3484/000080/g'

Voila!  I saved myself a whole lot of time, and you can too.