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Urban Wutang

Urban Wutang… aka, we found a short alley in downtown Longview and snapped some shots. ;)

Actually, my precious “wutang” clan had all decided to wear their wutang shirts (get your own here!) for our Meals on Wheels route that morning, so i decided to snap a few shots for fun. and away we go…

wutang 1

wutang 2

"Orphans No More!"

wutang 3

Surfin Safari on a Rainy Day

A few weeks ago we cut down some bamboo from our friends property for our garden. The kids cut some down as well so they could build a teepee. today at walmart i found a couple vinyl table-clothes that would “hopefully” work as a covering for their bamboo teepee poles. Unfortunately it started to rain and outside fun was canceled for the rest of the day.

no biggie.. not for these crazy kiddos.



We’re the Wu-Tang Orphans…

“We’re the Wu-tang orphans, yes indeed. The unwanted fruit that flourished from our father’s seed. the apple doomed to ripen by the rot of the tree and prematurely fall into a fallen society…”

You only get to see them for about 7 minutes during the show. They’re dirty, wild, and in need of much healing and rescue… but behind the masks and tattered, dirt-stained costumes are some pretty awesome kids who have put in several hours of practice and are without a doubt an audience favorite. We’ve had several little actors join us for different shows, but I have the daily pleasure of housing, feeding, and schooling four of them (aka my kiddos). So, we thought it would be nice to get their take on The 5 Dragon Daughter and whatever else floats their boat.

{FYI: the following was unscripted-although I did have to restart a few times because apparently, I can’t get my children’s names straight when it counts-I blame the fever… aaaaand Zosie has a cold… and yes, their arms are covered in angry bird temp tattoos} :P


daVan of Epic Proportions

If anyone has ever, for even the tiniest inkling of a second, doubted our family’s commitment to The 5 Dragon Daughter… POOF. It’s gone. Finito. Doesn’t exist. Wanna know why?

Here. Here is your proof…



Behold da Huber Family van is now The 5 Dragon Daughter-mobile… surely there’s something a bit more catchy to call it… ah, perhaps…”The WuTang Orphan Transporter”. Yeah, that’s fitting because we can’t fit much more than our family in it.



See… we even have orphans hanging on for dear life on the outside… heh heh. ;)

We’ve had a lady ask if I was driving my “personal” van or my “work” van. Yes and yes!

But it’s not ALL fun and games having such an AWESOME van. No, no. With great awesomeness, comes great responsibility… as in not ever cutting anyone off, or speeding, or going out with my hair in shambles… basically, all eyes are on the van. Yep, ALL eyes. Folks are always looking, always pointing and always commenting. Even from afar, I hear them say to whoever they’re walking with, “The 5 Dragon Daughter?” Mostly people smile when we drive past… let’s keep it that way.

These amazing splashes of spray paint have also completely revolutionized my parking. The goal is no longer to find the closest parking space… no, it’s to find the space with the most potential to be seen… because for one, IT’S AWESOME. Two, it helps promote The 5 Dragon Daughter. And three, it helps promote the ridiculous talent of Dan Black, our beloved drummer and merch manager!

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. ;)